The Story of Farm Girl Mobile Food Co.

In 2011 my husband, family and I made the life changing decision to leave the big city grind of downtown Toronto and move to a restored farmhouse circa 1830, located on a stunning 10 acre farm in Kingston Ontario.

We woke up on our first morning and said to each other, "listen to that, - no sirens, no streetcars, it's the sound of nothing". In the weeks that followed we were struck by what a warm, welcoming community we had moved to.

Our daughter may have expressed it best after the move, when saying to us after returning home on her first day of school "Mommy, why is everyone so nice here, what do they want?".

That took us back a bit, until we started having interactions with everyone in the community and we started saying to each other, "Wow, everyone is really, REALLY nice here."

So began our love affair with Eastern Ontario, Kingston, and life on the Farm.

As a Chef and not having a postage stamp of a backyard anymore, this also began my love affair with growing our own food. We began living a real tangible farm to table experience.

I also became passionate about meeting local farmers. It was such a revelation to me after years of city life to actually meet and shake the hand of the people who grew or raised the food I was making for my family.

Taking the love for our new adopted city, farm life, and eating locally and seasonally my husband and I decided to translate all of this to a business that we could share with our community. Instead of a restaurant, we decided to take the Farm to Table concept, combine it with my love of rustic comfort food and bring it to as many people as possible via the growing Food Truck Movement - FARM TO TRUCK.

We are so excited to represent Kingston as part of this exciting Food Truck movement, help support local farmers, and more than anything, share my passion for creating delicious food for this community.

I hope you visit our blog (, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we look forward to meeting you in person curbside.

Tamara Bolger, Farm Girl